Do you have a Taser for personal protection?

Do you have a Taser for personal protection?

Warning! You may be at risk because a faulty safety mechanism may cause your Taser to accidentally discharge! You may also have a legal claim EVEN IF YOUR TASER HASN’T DISCHARGED INVOLUNTARILY! Find out if you’re eligible for compensation.


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If you own or have used a Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW), also known as a Taser, you may be eligible for compensation!

What Happened?

The “Pulse” Taser model has a major design flaw and is currently in a class-action lawsuit. Users who purchased and carried certain models of Tasers can put themselves at risk of injury after their devices accidentally discharged. There is a faulty safety mechanism on these devices that is incredibly dangerous. By moving the safety mechanism only a fraction, such as through any movement of the device while being carried in a pocket, these devices can be turned from the “disengaged” into the “armed” mode very easily. This faulty safety mechanism has caused the device to unintentionally discharge, causing harm in the process. The manufacturer involved knowingly failed to honor warranty claims or make any attempt to fix the faulty mechanism.

What Types of Devices are Involved 

If you own or use a “Pulse”, “X2” or “X26P” model Conducted Electrical Weapon made by Axon Enterprises, Inc. (formerly known as Taser International, Inc.), you may have a claim! If you have no warranty, or your warranty is expired, you still may be entitled to compensation. 

Even if your device hasn’t accidentally discharged, you could still be entitled to compensation!


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