Juul® Addiction & Illness

Juul® May Be Liable For Damages Related To Teens Addiction and Illness

Under-Age Vaping

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 Vape manufacturers like Juul® are alleged to have violated the law by marketing their products to under-age youth.

Juul® actively promoted flavors that sound and taste like candy including “cool cucumber”, “creme brulee”, “mint”, “fruit”, and “mango”. At the same time that they were marketing vape pods, they packed their products with nicotine several times higher than the amount found in a typical cigarette. 

It has been alleged that Juul® used sophisticated marketing to target minors, which has destroyed decades of work to decrease the smoking rate in the US. Corporations are liable for luring children to their products filled with addictive chemicals in hopes of gaining customers for life. Parents of addicted children and teens may be entitled to payments for damages. 

The FDA is only just beginning to learn about the health consequences of vaping through studies and news stories about respiratory illness and even death. Juul® must be held accountable for luring teens to addictive products with negative health consequences. 

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