Juul® Addiction & Illness

Juul® Accused Of Misleading Marketing & Vaping Sickness

Vape illnesses and addiction are increasing dramatically.

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Many young people want to quit vaping, but find that they are addicted and unable to stop. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!


Juul® filled their pods with high levels of nicotine and other chemicals, causing addiction. Youth were targeted with flavors that sound and taste like candy including “cool cucumber”, “creme brulee”, “mint”, “fruit”, and “mango.”


Vaping & Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers are responsible for causing addiction and illnesses. The attorneys at Methvin Terrell can help secure payments for damages!


If you are less than 26 years old and struggling with Vape addiction, call our Legal Help Hotline (866) 770-6170 today to know your rights! 


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  • Addicted to vaping

  • Are the parent of a minor addicted to vaping

  • Experiencing illness that may be related to vaping


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