Time is Running Out

Time is Running Out for Virginia College Claim

Find out if you have a claim against Virginia College! If you attended Virginia College in 2018, your status and access to academic records might have been affected when the Education Corporation of Ameria (ECA), a for-profit company, closed Virginia College in December of 2018. Call an attorney at (866) 571-8944 to find out if you have a claim!

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! If you have received a packet from Methvin Terrell Attorneys, return it as soon as possible to get your case submitted BEFORE THE DEADLINE! Call an attorney at (866) 571-8944 if you have questions.

Virginia College was a private for-profit ‘college’ owned by Education Corporation of America “ECA” that offered classes, certificates, diplomas, and degrees related to specific trades and professions (including medical assistant, medical coding and billing, cosmetology, culinary arts, business administration, pharmacy technician, HVAC technician, etc.)  Virginia College also offered online degree programs in addition to its diploma and associate degree programs at campuses in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Students who attended class in 2018 may have a claim! Call an attorney at (866) 571-8944 or return your packet to Methvin Terrell Attorneys today to see if you are entitled to compensation!