Wells Fargo Mortgage

Wells Fargo Mortgage Insurance

If you were charged for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Insurance, you may be entitled to compensation! Several Wells Fargo insurance programs are facing scrutiny in court, and you may have rights that need to be protected. Even if you received a refund for your premium, you could have a claim. 

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If any of the following apply to you, you might have a claim!

  • Have you received a refund letter or notice related to Wells Fargo Mortgage Insurance? 
  • Has Wells Fargo started foreclosure proceedings on your home?
  • Did Wells Fargo add "Income Protector Plus" to your account (also called "INC Protect++HAPGOLD"), or were offered an Income Protector Plus refund?
  • Did you see charges from NUFIC (National Union Fire Insurance Company), or were you offered a NUFIC refund?
  • Have you been foreclosed on by Wells Fargo in the past?
  • Have you been offered or received compensation from Wells Fargo due to problems with your mortgage or mortgage insurance?
  • Have you received a letter stating that National Union's force-placed insurance program was terminating?


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Your claim could be worth more than any check or offer that you have received. 


Methvin Terrell cannot guarantee results, but you do not pay unless we collect for you.  Contact us to find out more about the claims against Wells Fargo today.