Practice Areas

Our attorneys focus specifically on the following legal topics, which ensures that our clients receive the best representation by lawyers who are experienced in their respective field.

Class Actions & Complex Litigation
including breach of contract, RICO violations, antitrust claims, securities litigation, mortgage and lending violations, deceptive trade practices 

Insurance Fraud
including deceptive insurance sales practices, annuities, insurance coverage denial

Consumer Protection Law
including predatory sales practices, predatory lending, deceptive sales, fraudulent business practices

Wrongful Death Litigation
including accidental death on a jobsite, fatal car accidents, occupation-related death

Catastrophic Injury
including injuries on the job and injuries sustained in a car wreck or tractor trailer accident

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Litigation

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Related Diseases

Labor & Employment Law
including wage/hour violations, wrongful termination, discrimination, and Fair Labor & Standards Act (FLSA)

Securities Fraud

Contingent Fee Business Litigation

Copyright & Trademark Infringement

Mediation/Arbitration (ADR)