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Contingent Fee Business Litigation

The attorneys at Methvin Terrell are experienced in representing businesses in litigation and offer their services on a contingency fee basis.  Under a contingency fee arrangement, the attorneys at Methvin Terrell are not paid unless they are successful in winning a lawsuit or in settling a case for their client.  If successful, the legal fees and expenses are taken out of the recovery.  If not successful, the client pays no money for legal fees or expense reimbursement.

This arrangement is obviously different from the traditional business fee structure in which the attorneys are paid by the hour and the expenses are paid by the client regardless of the results obtained.  The contingency fee offers a valuable solution in any case where the business wants to preserve its financial resources while pursuing litigation.  Businesses with limited financial resources, those faced with unexpected litigation, or those who have already suffered a financial loss will find this arrangement particularly attractive.  Regardless, many business disputes can be expensive, and the contingency fee arrangement eliminates the obstacle of having to pay up-front and ongoing costs before results are achieved. 

The attorneys at Methvin Terrell have handled cases for business clients nationwide in areas including theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, fraudulent billing practices, interference with business relations and unfair competition.  If you have a business dispute, please contact us today for a free consultation.  The attorneys at Methvin Terrell may be willing to accept the costs and risks of litigation on your behalf.